Our Team

Graham Hollis

A graduate of York City School of Technology’s Auto Body and Auto Repair Program,
Graham has over fifteen years experience in auto repair, performance, and restoration and
is a certified safety and emissions inspector. He gained five years professional experience
on the dyno as well as tuning at Automotive Passions in York. Several of his restorations
are award winning including a 1966 Stingray Corvette Convertible which won first
in class three years in a row at Corvettes at Carlisle. Graham has fifteen years racing
experience including drag, road course, 24 Hours of Lemons and Chump Car Series
giving him an edge in performance tuning.

Matt Newcomer

An avid race car driver with experience in drag, road course, asphalt, and dirt tracks, as
well as the 24 Hours of Lemons and Chump Car Series, Matt is a seasoned mechanic
and expert in performance and tuning. He graduated from Penn State University with a
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has built several race cars from the
ground up.